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Little Known Ways to Help You Showcase Your Freelancing Skills

Being a freelancer is awesome. They have control of their income, clients, and especially their time. These are what entices most of the 9-to-5 employees to dream or even actually dabble in freelancing. With great determination, they have the passion and perseverance to be noticed by potential clients. This passion fuels these freelancers to learn. However, all your talents and expertise may be in vain if you don’t showcase your skills.

With all of these in mind, testing the waters of freelancing can be daunting for rookies. But fret not because ValuedHR has little-known ways to help freelancing newbies showcase their skills. Our tips are guaranteed to help anyone rope in potential clients, and these are easy as learning your ABCs.

Know Where You Are Good At

Knowing your strengths can help distinguish which skills you want to market to clients. Are you a wiz at web development? Or can your poetry and words give justice to a business’ offerings? Until then, having a clear grasp of your skills and talents is your key to showcasing them.

Moreover, as you become familiar with your marketable skills, you are paving a path toward higher learning to cultivate them. So be honest yet kind to yourself as you ponder what you can offer to high-value clients.

Include Industry Terms

Clients would want to know that your skills are what they need for their company. And what better way to show them you know what you’re offering them than including technical knowledge in your resume?

When headhunters see that you are an expert in your field’s important terms and processes, it will make them realize your qualification. Industrial terms can show that you know your niche by heart and you are someone who can bring a lot to the table when you showcase your freelancing skills.

Go Hard, Even With Soft Skills

Other freelancers have an easy time showcasing their skills. Thanks to the tangible outputs of their abilities, these freelancers can pepper their portfolios with their “products.” But what happens to the freelancers who excel in soft skills? They can go hard on selling these skills by putting in-action photos and videos. 

Try having candid shots, too, to look confident and comfortable. Remember, showcasing your amazing self will get you far. It also shows that you are human, not a stiff robot who cannot step outside the creative box.

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Seo-Fy Your Freelancing Skills

Search engine optimization can also help you boost your freelancing profile. While it is not trying to rank high on pages, using industry-related keywords in your portfolio can help you bag a client and put your freelancing skills in the forefront.

For example, virtual assistants can utilize the keywords reliable remote worker to catch the attention of someone looking for their services. Ensure the keywords you use are specific so your profile will be noticed in the sea of freelancers trying to get their cake.


Being a freelancer is awesome. However, it takes grit, accountability, and hard work to last in the industry. It is not as easy as others make it look, so it is vital to have the right tools and knowledge to survive.

Once you have made it through, you will know that your efforts were not in vain.

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