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Secrets to Employee Retention After the Holidays FINALLY Revealed

The holidays are fast approaching, and so is the possibility of employees ghosting their employees after relaxing during their vacation.

Companies are carefully setting strategies to ensure businesses’ smooth operations even during the holiday frenzy. However, what some company owners and their HR tend to fail to plan is the onslaught of employee resignations after the holidays. It is not usually discussed, but mass resignations do happen. This may be coming from having a bad case of the holiday blues, or it was planned by the employee right from the start.

While companies have no control over the free will of their employees, they must create fool-proof employee retention strategies right before the workers go on vacation. ValuedHR reveals the secrets to retaining the best talent at work for different resignation factors after the holidays.

Transfers and Transitions 

A proper transfer and transition to the staff in charge during the holidays are essential for smoother operation. It also would prevent employee turnover as it would not stress them out during the rush of customers.

Right before the holidays start, department managers must conduct an extensive turnover of the tasks to employees. This must be accomplished to prevent the sudden shock of returning to the office after a long vacation. Moreover, it would also make the transition of tasks to other assigned workers for the job. 

With properly transitioned and transferred tasks, those working the shift would never have to fumble for answers as they have the knowledge to handle incoming queries. Thus, leaving the idea of resignation out of the door.

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Virtual is the Future of Employee Retention

Employees often dread the mountains of work that they may have left during the holiday break. The dread produces the idea of resignation to avoid work stress altogether.

Hiring virtual assistants can help accomplish tasks that may be time-consuming for the onsite employees to lessen the workload that awaits their return. Virtual assistants’ fees may depend on their location and expertise, but their service would be priceless for retaining your top employees. So find the time and budget to have a legion of dependable virtual assistants to free up the workload and worries of the company.

Let’s Be Real

Imagine this; employees are constantly bombarded by thousands of inquiries and tasks that the holiday does not even feel like a much-deserved breather for them. It is a pretty depressing thought.

Setting attainable work expectations during the holiday can guarantee that employees will be energized to return. Always remember that the holidays are a time to spend with family and relax. However, being an adult means having adult responsibilities. It truly is up to the employers to plan and strategize the best course of action to retain the employees after the holiday break.

Some may have made up their mind about leaving but showing importance to the rest of the employees can make others stay. 


The holiday frenzy is absolute, and so are the mass employee resignations it leaves after its wake. As you now are into the secrets of employee retention, having an effective holiday work plan would be a piece of fruitcake.

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